Grassroot Communities

Creating sustainable change in everyday communities building connections, projects and programmes that are based on the wants and needs of young people.

About us

Grassroot Communities is a community-based organisation that is creating sustainable change in everyday communities in Bristol through dedicated youth and community work. We are closing the gap on opportunities and supporting young people to realise their passions. We do this by providing them with access to education, training, employment opportunities, mentoring and support.
Grassroots Activators Programme group

The Grassroot Activators Programme (GAP)

We believe young people have ALL the talent, but many lack the opportunities. We are working to close the gap, so that young people regardless of their backgrounds can pursue their passions. We have designed the GAP to support young people to be able to realise their passions. It is open to all young people aged 16-30 years old who live in Bristol. We work with you to help you realise your passions and build an opportunity you want. This could be in education, employment or training. We fully support you with our dedicated youth work team and match you with a mentor, who is specifically chosen based on your wants and needs.

Applications are now open for our Mini GAP starting in January. The sooner you apply, the more time we have to select the right mentor for you.

  • 12 week face to face course starting Monday 11th January 11-4pm
  • Central location
  • Bus pass available
  • Small group of up to 15 young people
  • Interactive fun and action based learning
  • 1:1 mentoring starting in December

Mini GAP is now full

Detached Youth Work

We work out, in and with everyday young people. We are where they want to be building connections and supporting them with what they want and need. It helps us to identify and understand what really matters to young people. The GC Detached Youth Work Team are a friendly group of skilled youth workers in South Bristol, helping young people in disadvantaged areas navigate life’s challenges. We are all about having real chats, offering support, and busting myths. Building connections and making a difference is at the heart of what they do!
Group at a local skatepark

Growing Streets Together

Our Growing Streets Together team is about bringing Bristol communities closer, one fun-filled event at a time!

“GAP has made me realise that there are good people out there. I used to think that every adult only wanted to benefit themselves. Now I realise that they also want to be kind and give back to others.”